How to Download and Install EA Origin

How to Download and Install Origin 5

Just like Steam and Epic Games, Origin is also a digital storefront with a large variety of games, including Plant vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Need for Speed, Battlefield, and Apex Legends and its sequel that are exclusive to Origin. They also offer an EA Play subscription that allows you to play the majority of EA Game’s instalments. To get you started with gaming on Origin, we will go through the process of installing their client.


Go onto the Origin Webpage

How to Download and Install Origin

First thing you’ll be doing is heading over to the Origin webpage, this is where you can view most of the games included with Origin.


Go to their download page

How to Download and Install Origin 1

On the left side of your screen, just below the “Store” tab should be where the download button is located, click on that to begin.


Choose between Windows and Mac

How to Download and Install Origin 2

You’ll be given 2 choices depending on your operating system, one for Windows and the other one is for Mac, click on the one that best fits your operating system.


Run the installer

How to Download and Install Origin 3

With the file you have recently downloaded, you will need to run the program included with it. When the installer pops up, click on next then you can customize your optimization of the client and check in the box for the terms and conditions that no one reads.  When that is done, the installation process will begin and it shouldn’t take too long.


Login into Origin

How to Download and Install Origin 4

Now that you have the client downloaded, you can begin with logging into Origin with your account. 

Once the last step is complete you will be able to purchase the games that are available. With a large amount of games, your library is sure to be filled with at least some of them for your enjoyment. Occasionally there are also deals for certain games, take this chance to buy them at a cheaper price while they are on sale. There are still a lot of things to explore with the Origin client, so take your time browsing!

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