From X-Men to Resident Evil With Shawn Roberts

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A jet plane gaining speed and beginning to lift off is how I would describe the career of Shawn Roberts. This promising young talent hailing from Stratford, Ontario, Canada, has birthed a showcase review and earned the attention of directors and fans alike. Shawn Roberts’s talent has made room for him, and seen his abilities showcased on television programs such as Emily of New Moon, Resident Evil and Goosebumps.

In addition, his filmography is equally as impressive, boasting titles like X-MenTaking Lives and Cheaper By the Dozen 2, to name a few. The promising young actor has come a long way since being discovered in a school production of Little Red Riding Hood. I recently had a chance to speak with Shawn Roberts.

CGMagazine: I discovered that you first appeared as “the Wolf” in Little Red Riding Hood where screenwriter Robert Forsythe discovered and later recommended you to a Toronto acting agency?

Shawn Roberts: My best friend’s father, Robert Forsythe, knew of casting for “Emily of New Moon”. Auditioning for Perry I got a second call back to play Teddy Kent. It was a big deal for a kid from a small town to play in a television role.”

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CGMagazine: How has your lifestyle changed since moving from the small town where you grew up, to a larger centre?

Shawn Roberts: I appreciate the aspects of small-town life where kids are able to ride their bikes safely across town. In urban centres, it seems like you have to wait on someone else. Also, not coming from money as a kid gives you more of appreciation.

CGMagazine: What surprised you most about the difference between film and television?

Shawn Roberts: Television sets already have an established system that works through 13 pages per day. With movies you’ll be working 2 pages per day.

CGMagazine: What’s the difference between Canadian as opposed to American productions?

Shawn Roberts: The exposure. American productions have access to wider audiences.

CGMagazine: Can you tell me about your upcoming project Stir of Echoes?

Shawn Roberts: It is a project that is starring Kevin Bacon and Rob Lowe, where their characters are haunted by spirits. But I  am not able to tell you much more than that.

CGMagazine: Where do you currently reside?

Shawn Roberts: Ancaster, Ontario. It’s great because it’s near Toronto but I don’t know how people do the commute over the 403 everyday.

CGMagazine: You’re moving to Vancouver. Is this for a specific project or to further your career?

Shawn Roberts: I am moving to Vancouver because I fell in love with the place. It’s Canada’s hidden paradise! Victoria was great, it’s really beautiful there.

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CGMagazine: Name a challenging/exciting thing you had to do to prepare for a film.

Shawn Roberts: While preparing for the film Skinwalkers, which has a werewolf theme by Stan Winston, casts were made of our heads and bodies. That was a lot of fun. In addition to the preparation, we also had at a shooting range. It is every boy’s dream, getting to dress up like a werewolf and have guns!

CGMagazine: Being originally from Stratford, Ontario do you have any plans to do stage work?

Shawn Roberts: I really appreciate the thrill of live performances. However, due to the time constraints placed on one in theatre productions, I’d like to leave that for later in my career.

CGMagazine: Any particular part that you have your sights set on? The Young Indiana Jones perhaps?

Shawn Roberts: You know more about what’s coming out than I do!(Laughing). I’d really be excited to play in the next George Romero film.

CGMagazine: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Shawn Roberts: Jessica Alba and the main girl in the film Stick-It (Missy Peregrym).

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CGMagazine: Who would you like to work with?

Shawn Roberts: Morgan Freeman # 1! Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt. They would be my choices.

CGMagazine: Were you a fan of the X-Men comics before you became a part of the project? What was it like being able to act in X-Men?

Shawn Roberts: A fan? Every morning I watched the cartoon growing up. Wolverine is so cool. I didn’t get to be Wolverine though, some Hugh Jackman guy got it. Oh well. We actually shot my scene in Toronto. However, I was requested to be flown out to California to reshoot.

CGMagazine: So I have to ask (as many of our readers will probably want to know), what was it like kissing Rogue in X-Men?

Shawn Roberts: One word: Breathtaking! (Laughing).

CGMagazine: Ultimately what are your dreams and aspirations pertaining to your acting career?

Shawn Roberts: To never lose the joy and happiness as long as I can put out quality projects. That’s all you can ask for!

Shawn Roberts was a delight to talk to. I really wanted to find out what it was like to kiss Rogue in the first X-Men film. Glad to hear that he doesn’t think I am a geek for asking! We at Lucid Forge wish you all of the best, Shawn, on your future projects.

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