A Moment with Peacemaker’s Steve Agee at Toronto Comicon

Chatting Peacemaker, New Girl and Destiny 2?

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Toronto Comicon has come and gone, but we at CGMagazine were lucky enough to sit down with a few celebrity guests like Sean Gunn, Steve Agee and Scott Patterson to get the scoop on Comic-Con life, what goes on behind the scenes in our favourite shows, and just what these actors geek out about themselves.

Sitting down with Steve Agee, who is just coming off the tale end of his biggest role to date, John Economos in Peacemaker, we got to see a very grateful side of the actor. Agee is best known for Peacemaker and the TV series New Girl where he played “Outside Dave.”

Agee has seen no shortage of work, as you will also find him on shows like the Rosanne reboot, The Conners and Superstore, as well as doing voice work in programs like Adventure Time with Finn & Jake and Bobs Burgers. Most recently, Agee was in the popular game High on Life, and we also saw him as Gef in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Sitting down at Toronto Comicon, we talked to Steve Agee about Peacemaker and New Girl, and even a few things video games!

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Steve Agee as John Economos – Peacemaker

There’s so much you do between TV, film, and even video games. Do you have a medium you prefer to work in, and is there a reason you prefer one to another?

Steve Agee: Film and TV 100%. I mean, Peacemaker is my biggest part I’ve ever had yet. Acting on camera seems more like an actual job. You drive somewhere, change, and there’s technically a uniform. You have to learn lines, so there’s homework. 

Voiceover stuff is awesome and really easy, but you show up for one day, and you’re there for an hour, and then it’s done. It is great that you can wear your sweats to work and work from home too now. 

You mentioned Peacemaker is your favourite piece of work yet. Is that because it’s your biggest role to date, or were there other things that made it your favourite?

Steve Agee: That’s one of them. Also, the whole cast was great. I love working with John Cena so much. I can’t imagine that I fell in love with that dude on the set of Suicide Squad.

Was it mutual love?

Steve Agee: Eventually? He was kind of shy at first, like he’s a quiet guy. He’s so famous and popular that he has to distance himself from people a little bit. But after a couple of weeks of shooting, me and Dave Dastmalchian, who played Polka-dot Man, were quoting 80s movies like Back to School and Rodney Dangerfield and Caddyshack, and John’s eyes lit up so much. That was the moment where he clicked with us, and he started quoting John Hughes movies and correcting us on the lines.

A Moment With Steve Agee At Toronto Comicon 23041304
Steve Agee and Friends from Peacemaker

There’s footage of me doing John Cena’s “you can’t see me” in grade nine on the internet. So, it’s nice to know that he does the same thing about other things. It makes me feel better.

Steve Agee: Anytime I post a photo of John Cena on my Instagram, half the comments are like, “I don’t see anybody there. There’s nobody.” I mean, you got to be careful what you wish for when you make a catchphrase because he came on set one day on Suicide Squad, and me and Daniella, who played Ratcatcher, did the whole waving the hand in front of the face, and he’s like, “Ha ha, I get it. Yeah, you can’t see me.”

Maybe he needs to play an invisible character and just watch the internet explode.

Steve Agee: The Invisible Man would be a great character for him.

We came up with the idea.

Steve Agee: Yeah, just us.

When you come to a con like Toronto Comicon, is there anything that you’re known for more than the other? Maybe outside of Peacemaker since that’s the biggest and most recent.

Steve Agee: I’d say it’s pretty evenly between Peacemaker and New Girl.

These are so many of my favourite things.

Steve Agee: Thank you. I loved doing New Girl. It was one of my favourite gigs.

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Steve Agee as Outside Dave – New Girl

How was that? Because just watching the show is a roller coaster. It makes me so happy.

Steve Agee: It was awesome. When I went into the show, I already knew Jake [Johnson], but I had a friend who was directing an episode. I think I didn’t show up until season two. My friend Fred [Goss] was directing an episode, and they needed a homeless guy for one quick scene, sleeping on a car. 

My friend Erin O’Malley, who was the producer of the show [New Girl], and I had worked together on The Sarah Silverman Program, and Fred was like, “What about Steve Agee?” And she’s like, “Oh my God, that’s great. Yes!” So, I didn’t even have to audition. They had me come in, and they all liked it so much they kept bringing me back.

How does it feel to be the go-to guy for a homeless character?

Steve Agee: It’s not the first time. I’m used to it, and I’m just happy to work, actually.

So, since we’re at Toronto Comicon, do you have any of your own nerdy fandoms, like Star Wars, video games, the DCEU, perhaps?

Steve Agee: I am a video game guy. I’m currently playing Stray on my PlayStation, but I’ve been a Destiny and Destiny 2 player for like, eight years.

How are you playing Stray right now with the new expansion Destiny 2: Lightfall just out? 

Steve Agee: I haven’t played Destiny in so long, up until about a year ago. Then I got the new PlayStation [PS5], which took forever to find. So, I’m just playing games that are PlayStation only. Oh, my God. I do love Destiny too.

They just did a nice tribute to Lance Reddick in the game. Fans were doing some really cool things.

Steve Agee: Yeah, there’s new downloadable content, which I have not played yet.

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Steve Agee as Isaac – Superstore

If you could do one meet and greet at a con with anybody, alive or dead, who would it be?

Steve Agee: Oh boy. John Ritter. He’s my favourite. He’s the reason I started acting.

Really? How did that come about?

Steve Agee: I just loved Three’s Company when I was a little kid. I didn’t understand a lot of the jokes, but I loved seeing my mom and dad laugh like crazy at the show.

That’s the most wholesome answer I’ve ever heard.

Steve Agee: John Ritter was the coolest person. Growing up, everything he did was awesome. He ended up being a great dramatic actor too. I would have killed to have met John Ritter.

Is there anything that you’re currently working on or hoping to do soon?

Steve Agee: I’m writing some scripts for myself, but really just waiting to start season two of Peacemaker. It can’t start soon enough for me.

A Moment With Peacemakers Steve Agee At Toronto Comicon 23041304

It makes it that much better to know that you’re eager to do Peacemaker.

Steve Agee: It’s a dream job. I can’t wait.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the time. It was great to meet you.

Steve Agee: Thank you, guys. 

I hope you make it out of the last day Toronto Comicon alive.

Steve Agee: We’re almost there, so don’t jinx it. 

Dayna Eileen
Dayna Eileen

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