CGMagazine September 2015

CGMagazine September 2015 2

September 2015

In this issue we look at the New Face of Comics. Have comics evolved with the times? David examines the effects of the popularity of superhero blockbusters, Phil examines the dwindling relevance of comic book continuities and Reid asks if a superhero game can be more than just action.

Lisa Mior talks with Chad Moldenhauer about Cuphead, Cassidee talks with Jeremy Whitley about the strong females of Princeless, and Jason discusses the modernization of Lois Lane with Gwenda Bond.


Acheivments and Trophies: More Than Just Virtual Rewards
Side-Scrolling Through The Golden Age: A Chat With Chad Moldenhauer Of Cuphead


No Longer a Damsel: A Conversation with Princeless Creator Jeremy Whitley
Gwenda Bond About The Modernization Of Lois Lane
Hollywood Blockbusters And The Comic Book Renaissance
The Death of Comic Book Continuity
Hi, Ho, Let’s Go: Why Comics and Punk Rock Are Best Friends
The Curious Case Of Directing For Marvel Studios
The Secret Socioeconomic Origins Of Superheroes
Real World View And Superhero Comics’ Impact On Culture
Can A Superhero Game Be About More Than Punching?

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End Game
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Cgmagazine September 2015

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