Report: Halo May Use Unreal Engine As 343 Industries Moves Forward

Report: Halo May Use Reliable Unreal Engine As 343 Industries Moves Forward

With the cancellation of features like split screen co-op, Halo Infinite and 343 Industries has reportedly now opted for the Unreal Engine moving forward.

Despite all of the issues Halo Infinite has faced since launch, 343 Industries is moving forward even after the roadmap that they have outlined was reacted to poorly by fans. According to a new report by Twitter Game Journalist @JeremyPenter, the 343 Industries franchise once helmed by Bungie will be utilizing the Unreal Engine in the future. The Tweet can be seen below.

Of course there is much needed context as to why Penter tweeted this admission, another Twitter game journalist @JezCorden had thrown out an article outlining the speculation in full. It goes on to detail how 343 Industries is potentially ditching their in house Slipspace Engine, which is regarded as one of the ‘main problems’ of Halo Infinite’s development, according to Windows Central.

Unreal Engine is widely used in the games industry at large, and Microsoft’s internal teams from The Coalition to Undead Labs have a huge wealth of experience with the tools. Microsoft and Certain Affinity both also have internal tools and pipelines for working with the Unreal Engine established already, at a time when Slipspace is widely rumored to be problematic to work with at best.

– Jez Corden, Windows Central

Another takeaway from all of this ‘revealed’ information, is that it should ALL be taken with a grain of salt, as these reports of 343 Industries switching game engines are fuelled by speculation, and has not been corroborated by any internal source by 343 or Microsoft. One thing remains certain: Infinite has been bogged down by development issues since launch, with campaign co-op releasing almost a full year after the title’s initial launch.

Report: 343 Industries To Use Unreal Engine For Halo Development Moving Forward

The speculation does hold a certain weight to it however, as the main Slipspace Engine engineer David Berger is no longer with 343, as well as the studio head Bonnie Ross. Regarding Halo Infinite’s future, fans will just have to wait and see if 343 Industries can right the ship moving forward.

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