Cryengine V is Free to Use and VR Compatible

| Mar 15, 2016
Cryengine V is Free to Use and VR Compatible

Crytek has just announced that its latest game engine, CryENGINE V will not only go forth on a pay-what-you-want model, but also natively support VR.

Crytek has put out all of its developing tools to the public without the usual subscription costs or the royalty fees and is hoping that users will contribute back to the company. Like Unity, Crytek will also start a marketplace to help users by providing them with pre-made assets.

Frank Vitz, the creative director showed off the new engine and its features at GDC, giving a run down on the new features and their new VR title called, The Climb.

Crytek is committed to advancing and working within the new VR faucet of the industry and is aiming to make it more accessible to developers.

Look forward for more updates as the engine goes live in the near future.

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