New Alchemy Stars Event Lands On September 22

New Alchemy Stars Event Lands On September 22

Since releasing back in 2021, Alchemy Stars has been a staple in the mobile gaming market for Tencent games and a new event for the F2P game is right around the corner.

Tencent has been on a buying rampage as of late, but it hasn’t given up on its longstanding titles. Alchemy Stars is a tactical RPG that uses a F2P model for fans to try their luck at gatcha style character recruitment. The new event for the mobile game brings two new stages to fans, “Farewell, My Wonderland: Wonderland Tales” and “No Man’s Land,” with opportunities to grab some useful loot such as Lumamber (premium currency) and Special Star Flare (recruitment currency), to recruit new Aurorians.

New Alchemy Stars Event Lands On September 22

The new recruitable Aurorians are called Pollux and Casta, named after the Gemini twins in Greek Mythology. When the new event kicks off, these won’t be the only available Aurorians to recruit. Those who missed out on the 6-Star Aurorian Fia from ‘Starry Trails’ and 6-Star Aurorian Jeno from ‘Sleight of Hand’ will get another chance to see them join their squads. Both will be a part of the Crimson Raven banner that features the new units, and revisiting old events like Cloud Blossom Destiny is also possible. Of course, there are new locales to explore such as the ‘Into the Abyss’ area attached to the new Alchemy Stars update.

Fans who elect to embark on the new story based stages can earn Empty Shell Casings which are essential in crafting, upgrading materials, buying furniture, accruing more Special Star Flare and allow items to be purchased from the event shop. Adventurers should act fast though, because the Supply Depot event store remains open until October 20.

New Alchemy Stars Event Lands On September 22

Daily logins will also net fans some more Alchemy Stars loot, and will be called ‘The Daily Prayer’ login event. Navigators can get 120 Prism and 2 Carrier every day for 5 days between September 22 and September 26 along with the daily login bonuses.  The rewards can be seen below:

  • Empty Shell Casing ×500 General Jasper II ×5 (Log in for one day)
  • Lumamber ×100, Nightium ×5,000 (Log in for two days)
  • Empty Shell Casing ×1,000, Recharger Pack ×1 (Log in for three days)
  • Lumamber ×200, Anonymous Gift I ×3 (Log in for four days)
  • Empty Shell Casing ×1,000, Nightium ×10,000 (Log in for five days)
  • Panacea ×5, Recharger Pack ×2 (Log in for six days)
  • Empty Shell Casing ×2,000, Anonymous Gift I ×4 (Log in for seven days)
  • Lumamber ×500, Avatar: Post-Battle Pollux (Log in for eight days)

The new event will take place from September 22 until October 17, and fans can locate more details surrounding the exciting Alchemy Stars event on the title’s home website.


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