Aliens Fireteam Elite coming to PC and Consoles on August 24

Aliens Fireteam Elite coming to PC and Consoles on August 24

Cooperative third-person survival shooter set in the Alien franchise, Aliens Fireteam Elite has announced that it will launch this August.

Aliens Fireteam Elite takes place in the year 2202 as your Marine assault unit is rerouted to a mysterious distress call in the outer colonies. It’s not a leisure trip as deadly Xenomorph legions, hidden corporate secrets, and ancient alien ruins await your arrival.

It wouldn’t be Aliens game if you weren’t in the fight of your life to containing the ever-evolving Xenomorph threat. You’ll face off against waves after waves of Xenomorph and Weyland-Yutani Synthetic enemies.

The game is a collaboration between 20th century Games and developer Cold Iron Studios with Focus Home Interactive publishing the title. The game was previously announced as Aliens: Fireteam so the release date announcement came with a slight name change.

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You won’t be facing them off alone as the game features three-player gameplay as you and two players or AI Teammates try to survive. In Aliens Fireteam Elite, your fireteam will make your way through four unique campaigns as you battle through the odds. The game will introduce new storylines to the Aliens universe. Before diving in you’ll be able to create and customize your own Colonial Marines with a variety of classes, weapons, gear, and perks to choose from.

The base game will retail at $39.99 USD which will feature the previously mentioned campaigns, customization options, and much more. If you want a bit more bang for your buck, well this is where the deluxe edition comes in. The Deluxe edition retails at $69.99 USD and comes with the Endeavor Pass and Endeavor Veteran Pack.

The Endeavor Pass contains four cosmetic DLC bundles – including class kit skins, weapon colors, head accessories, and more – which will be released later on alongside upcoming updates. The Endeavor Veteran Pack meanwhile contains 20 cosmetic items in armor kit skins, emotes, weapon colors, and decals. Both the pass and the pack will be purchasable separately.

Aliens Fireteam Elite is set to launch this year for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on August 24th.

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