American Horror Story: 1984 Teaser Breakdown and Roundup

| August 20, 2019
American Horror Story: 1984 Teaser Breakdown and Roundup 1

FX has just released a new poster and teaser for the latest season of American Horror Story: 1984.

Set to make its television debut on FX September 18th, 2019, a new teaser and poster has just been released which can be viewed down below.

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American Horror Story: 1984 Teaser Breakdown And Roundup

Both the teaser and poster seem to give off a classic and campy horror feel, with the colours and mood, reminiscent of a typical 80s neon aesthetic, which should make for an exciting direction for the latest season, at least, from a visual standpoint. Other notable influences include movies such as Sleepaway Camp, Psycho, Friday the 13th and The Evil Dead. In fact, the 1984 subtitle for the latest season of American Horror Story is said to be in reference to some of the movies mentioned above, rather than George Orwell’s classic novel.

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Although details are sparse at the moment, eagle-eyed fans have scoped out that the season will take place at Camp Redwood, which shares its name with a real-life counterpart. Additionally, the forthcoming season seems to embrace various horror movie character archetypes, such as the nerd and jock persona as made popular in numerous films. It should prove to be interesting to see how the show explores these characters as the show commences.

Unfortunately, long-time series veteran Evan Peters, along with Billy Eichner (The Lion king 2019) will not be returning for American Horror Story: 1984. According to EW, series staple, Sarah Paulson, who like Evan Peters has had a significant part in past seasons, will only provide a minor role in season 9.

American Horror Story: 1984 will make its debut September 18th, 2019, exclusively on FX.

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