Amplitude Studios Joins The SEGA Family

| July 5, 2016
Amplitude Studios Joins The SEGA Family

Another indie studio is ascending in the world after SEGA Games acquired all shares of Amplitude Studios on July 1.

Creators of the critically acclaimed Endless Space and Dungeon of the Endless, Amplitude made a big splash with the first aforementioned Endless title. An upcoming sequel coupled with a SEGA partnership could indicate a bright future for this company.

“What we want to do is to focus on making games; that is why we created Amplitude,” said in a dev blog post on the Amplitude website. “But with the pressure on sales and marketing, we found that more and more time was dedicated to everything else – everything that we didn’t have the size and scale to deal with. So we decided to look for the best partner we could to protect us from these distractions so that game development did not become a chore, but remained a passion.”

SEGA Games currently owns notable development studios Relic Entertainment, Sports Interactive, and Creative Assembly. These studios are responsible for the Dawn of War franchise and Total War.

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