Animal Crossing Collection Coming to Build-A-Bear Workshop (Update: New Winter Outfits Today!)

Animal Crossing Collection Coming to Build-A-Bear Workshop (Update: Launching today!) 1
Build-A-Bear has announced another collaboration with Nintendo, bringing the adorable critters of Animal Crossing to their stores later this year.

The retailer announced their new collection on Twitter today. Animal Crossing‘s menagerie of fluffy anthropomorphic animals is a perfect fit for Build-A-Bear’s line of customizable teddy bears, especially given the rampant success of the series’ latest installment, New Horizons. However, at the moment there is no indication of which characters will be available or when they will go on sale. For now interested fans can subscribe for updates and be alerted when more news becomes available.

Animal Crossing Collection Coming To Build-A-Bear Workshop (Update: New Winter Outfits Today!)
Animal Crossing fans will soon be able to stuff and take home their own villagers. (Nintendo)

Isabelle, Tom Nook, and K.K. Slider are prime candidates to be featured, as the faces of the franchise. Other popular villagers like series newcomers Raymond and Audie could be likely as well, or more veteran characters with distinctive traits like Roald, Cherry, or Marshall, the smug squirrel with a withering side-eye. With 397 villagers in New Horizons alone, and another cast of vendors and special visitors, Build-A-Bear has an incredibly deep well of characters to draw from. (Stitches would be a real home run, as a long-recurring villager based on a literal teddy bear, but I’d personally throw money at a proper Raymond plush.)

Build-A-Bear announced a similar collaboration with another Nintendo property, Pokémon, back in October 2015. A stuffable Pikachu hit stores two months later, and since then the company has released seventeen different Pokémon plushes, often with online-exclusive bundles. They’ve also dipped their toes into Sega’s waters with Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails models, and struggled to keep their adorable “Baby Yoda”/The Child doll on shelves.

It’s possible that more news could come in the next few weeks as Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ first anniversary approaches, and a new update becomes likely. For now, players should be sure to check their games for a variety of St. Patrick’s Day-themed items, available for a limited time—a four-part shamrock outfit from the Able Sisters, and three items that rotate daily in Nook’s Shopping.

UPDATE April 6th 2021:

The collection is going live today at 10am CST/8am PDT/11am EDT /4pm BST/5pm CEST. The US site will be live here, with the UK site available here. For those jumping online to purchase the Animal Crossing characters, there will be a waiting room where buyers can hang out while they wait to make their purchase. The rooms will be available 30 minutes before launch time. Be first in line! Follow the launch on Build-A-Bear’s official Twitter!

UPDATE May 11 2021:

Animal Crossing Collection Coming To Build-A-Bear Workshop (Update: New Winter Outfits Today!)

Build-A-Bear has just launched new winter outfits for Isabelle and Tom Nook! The styles are available for $51 and come with your choice of theme music or phrases. Hop in line and grab yours now!

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