Apple TV Getting New Services, Games, and an all-in-one TV App

Apple TV Getting New Services, Games, and an all-in-one TV App

Apple’s Keynote October 2016, hosted on Oct 27th, brings a variety of new reveals to Apple users. The Keynote is, of course, largely intended to discuss and explore the new MacBooks for the 2016 holiday season. And with good reason, too: the week of the 27th is the 25th anniversary for the 1991 PowerBook. Of course, Apple isn’t just interested in MacBook technology. During the Keynote, Apple also unveiled brand new app features for their Apple TV: including a TV app.

Apple TV’s move to include apps opens up tremendous potential for the device. For one, over 8,000 apps are coming to the Apple TV. 2,000 games are as well, including indie hit Minecraft. While the Apple TV probably won’t become a major mainstream console competitor anytime soon, Apple’s move signifies a serious commitment to ease-of-use access to casual game playing among TV users.

Apple’s TV app also establishes a drive for unified TV experiences across Apple products. Usable on the Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad, the device allows users to stream TV content, pausing videos and picking up where they left off from one device to another. The app also brings shows from every app together so users can quickly and easily stream video content. Users can ask Siri to bring up a specific show or program, and Siri will automatically connect the user with the app necessary to watch. If a user is watching sports, Siri can bring up schedules and scores, too. CBS, ABC News, HBONow, Hulu and CBS News were all shown within the TV app on stage.

Apple’s TV and upcoming range of Apple TV software represent just another step forward to promote hardware synergy for the tech giant. It makes sense: Chinese competitor LeEco is obsessed with the idea, and in order to compete Apple has to come up with a few new pages in their playbook. But as to whether the Apple TV and TV app will radically change the landscape video streaming, that has yet to be confirmed.

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