Check Out the New Xbox 360 Controller from Hyperkin!

check out the new xbox 360 controller from hyperkin 325355

A third-party company, Hyperkin, is set to launch a modernized Xbox 360 controller for use on new consoles and PC.

Hyperkin is a gaming hardware development company specializing in accessories. They’re set to launch a new version of the OG Xbox 360 controller compatible with next-gen consoles. This new version is a close replica of the original controller, but it features a few upgrades.

Unfortunately, the Hyperkin Xenon will not have any wireless capabilities. Also, the new controller is not compatible with the original Xbox 360 console, only the Xbox Series X|S and PC. The retro look of the controller will bring past and present gaming worlds together, it will be intriguing to see the interest the new controller could hold in the gaming community.

The iconic capability of the Xbox 360’s LED circle on the controller is not featured in this newer version. This design is detrimental to Xbox products and could have been a nostalgic callback to the new model. Hyperkin will offer the Xenon controller in white, black, pink and red colours. No information on pricing or availability just yet.

Hyperkin has brought back Xbox controllers in the past; the original Xbox Duke controller with new upgraded features. It was also unable to have wireless capabilities, and it was unfortunately given bad reviews, so here’s hoping that this new comeback will have a bit more success. Hyperkin is smart to rely on its new product design on nostalgia; it sells well among the gamer community.

The upgraded controller called the Hyperkin Xenon features a share button which was not on the original controller. The new controller also features a 3.5 mm audio port for headphones and headsets. While a few modern upgrades make fans excited about the controller, do the upgrades outweigh the setbacks? We will soon find out.

Hyperkin has been pretty tight-lipped when it comes to any more information on the launch of the newer Xbox controller. As said on their Twitter, details about the controller are soon to come. What we know for sure is the new Xenon is licensed with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Windows 10 and 11 PCs.

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