Bendy And The Dark Revival Locks In Nov 15 Release Date With New Trailer

bendy and the dark revival scribbles in nov 15 release date with new trailer 266630

The ‘accidental success’ the original Bendy title brought to consoles has now revealed a launch trailer, and release date for the sequel, Bendy and the Dark Revival.

The follow-up to cult classic Bendy and the Ink Machine is finally right around the corner. Today, the creators over at Rooster Teeth and Joey Drew Studios have released a launch trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to the 2017 survival title. Just like the original, console releases will follow after the November 15 launch date of Bendy and the Dark Revival, with ‘coming soon’ release dates. The launch trailer can be seen below.

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The game’s setting is reminiscent of Bioshock‘s Rapture, and features old fliers that populate the setting’s walls, which hearken back to 20th century war propaganda. In the sequel, players will enter the point of view of Audrey, while revisiting the animation studio from the first title, which has seemingly become overrun by ink and things that will inevitably try to shorten Audrey’s life. Of course, the signature Bendy art style makes a return, with crisp new visuals to enhance the harrowing feel of the setting.

Bendy And The Dark Revival Scribbles In Nov 15 Release Date With New Trailer 025472

In Bendy and the Dark Revival, the main antagonist is the elusive ‘Ink Demon,’ which isn’t shown in the teaser, but fan-favourite character Bendy does indeed make an appearance in the final moments of the trailer, in all of his ink riddled glory. Longtime fans of Bendy and the Ink Machine will be delighted to find out characters from the first title will make appearances in Dark Revival.

Fans will be able to explore the atmospheric setting of Joey Drew Studios, with stealth components, puzzles to solve, new powers to explore the horrifying setting, and unravel secrets behind the classic cartoon world of Bendy and the Dark Revival on November 15 for Steam, with console releases coming at a TBD date. Fans can also follow the official Twitter for updates to stay in the loop.

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