Binge Hooks Greg Russo, Writer Of The Latest Mortal Kombat, For System Shock Series

Binge's Taps Greg Russo, Writer Of The Latest Mortal Kombat For System Shock Series

Binge is an up-and-coming streaming service centred around gamers, and they just revealed that their screen adaptation of 1994’s System Shock has found a director.

The early access available streaming service that encourages ‘binge’-ing shows have now shown its hand on the latest news regarding the System Shock series, and it comes in the form of director Greg Russo.

Greg Russo is most known for his work as a writer on the hit HBO Max rendition of video game juggernaut Mortal Kombat, but is no stranger to helming ambitious projects from the gaming world. He has been long-tapped to pen a Space Invaders adaptation for Warner Bros. and has shown he was planning to write a Resident Evil film back in 2017.

Russo plans to not only helm the film as director but work alongside Binge producer Allan Ungar, as co-executive producer on the series. Greg Russo said “I’m honoured to have the opportunity to work alongside the fantastic team at Binge and Nightdive Studios to bring the iconic System Shock franchise to life,” on his directorial debut IGN reports.

System Shock is a SciFi game franchise that was originally released in 1994 and inspired the likes of the massive BioShock trilogy. This wasn’t a coincidence, Irrational Studios the developers of BioShock, co-developed the critically acclaimed sequel System Shock 2. The first-person action game saw the player as a nameless hacker aboard a space station in the year 2072 (not to be confused with the other 2077) with the goal of sabotaging a rogue AI called SHOTAN. The latest reimagining of the cult classic game is in its Kickstarter phase and has reached its initial development goal from Nightdive Studios.

Live-Action System Shock Series Is In Development - Polygon
Alpha System Shock Footage

The Binge streaming service is still in its early access phase and fans looking to start bingeing can go to their website to sign up. As far as System Shock goes, it’s presumably in good hands.

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