Black Adam Heads To Fortnite With A Rock Solid Skin

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The DC Comics feature film Black Adam has been in development for a LONG time, and to commemorate the release, Fortnite is getting a character skin.

Although this will be the first Black Adam skin making its way into Fortnite, this will be the second Dwayne Johnson styled skin, as the previous ‘Foundational’ character also donned the signature look (and eyebrow) of the icon. Who’s to say more Dwayne Johnson won’t grace the battle bus either, with WWE stars like “The New Day” and John Cena getting character models, we may yet see a ‘The Rock’ skin in the future. The most recent Black Adam trailer can be seen below.

YouTube video

It’s interesting to follow the sheer number of character releases Fortnite has gotten over the years since release, as it seems almost everyone has made it one way or the other into the game, and The Rock is hardly the first to receive two skins as the same person, as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Nathan Drake have both been featured in the title.

It also appears the battle bus doesn’t leave out more mature characters either, with The Walking Dead characters making their way to the battle royale as well as Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. No character appears to be off limits for the Epic Games juggernaut.

While it’s nearly impossible to browse channels or even streaming services without seeing Dwayne Johnson, it bears mentioning that there is potential to establish a colony of Rock-lookalikes in one title that has them face off. With the Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury skin from Marvel, fans can even recreate the “aim for the bushes” moment in The Other Guys, but with gliders the result will be different.

The Black Adam centred skin hits the Fortnite item shop just in time for Halloween, on October 20, and he comes equipped with a glider, emote, and threatening melee weapon to do justice battle royale style.

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