John Cena Makes His Big Fortnite Debut On July 28

John Cena Makes His Big Fortnite Debut On July 28 2

The time is now, John Cena is finally coming to the massive Epic Games phenomenon Fortnite, bringing some much-needed attitude to the Battle Bus.

Fortnite is absolutely no stranger to guest appearances and with the latest Dragon Ball based crossover announcement, fans can finally answer the incredibly hard question of who would win in a battle royale, Goku or John Cena. It’s also worth mentioning former WWE superstar, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was already added to the title as the voice of ‘The Foundation,’ so fans looking to recreate Wrestlemania 29’s main event can possibly do so.

John Cena Makes His Big Fortnite Debut On July 28 3
The Foundation – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Epic Games juggernaut has been delivering on the content front more lately, with the Secret Lair crossover, the return of Captain America on July 4, and even the latest announcement of Naruto coming to Fortnite, there is truly no franchise left that can resist the ‘come to battle royale’ invitation.

John Cena arrives to Fortnite on the cusp of one of the biggest nights in WWE programming, SummerSlam, giving wrestling more of a platform during the massive event, especially after Vince McMahon’s surprisingly announced retirement after over 50 years of being at all stages of the business.

Although the John Cena outfit doesn’t come with invisibility options, it does come with the iconic forward facing hat and armbands that Cena normally wears as in ring gear with the trademark denim shorts as he wears while adjusting the attitude of his opponents in ring. Fortnite players who elect to snag this 16-time champion quality skin from the shop, will also net the ‘Five Digit Slapper Pickaxe,’ and the ‘U Can’t C Me Emote’ fleshing out the Cenation representation in the massive title.

John Cena Makes His Big Fortnite Debut On July 28 1

John Cena will be made available for all Fortnite fans on July 28, while SummerSlam is set to air on July 30. Fans looking to view the official announcement can also swing over to the official announcement page for more info.

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