Blair Witch Coming to Oculus Quest in Sheer VR Terror

Blair Witch Coming to Oculus Quest in Sheer VR Terror
First person survival horror game Blair Witch is coming to VR users in a brand new way over the Oculus Quest and brings the scares directly in 1:1 scale.

The game, first released on current generation systems, will also feature a completely different control scheme based on physical movement. Of course, it will also build on Bloober’s ability to port the game into a mobile-based architecture as the team previously did on Switch.

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In a release by Bloober Team, Blair Witch will be bringing the scares “just in time for Halloween” while players can endure the entire psychological horror story inside the world. They will also be joined by a faithful VR dog companion named Bullet, who comes in full size. The Quest version also lets players kneel down and pet Bullet, give him a treat or play fetch.

The VR controls will also replace most of the game’s button-based schemes. Players in Blair Witch now have to use their hands to carry objects, stack boxes and pick up other items to solve puzzles. They can also use a full-sized notepad to draw out their thoughts and mark other in-game elements. For exploration, players can use their hands to open doors, car and drawers as they search for objects.

According to Bloober, the game’s VR debut will also sport some enhancements to fit the game’s near-2K resolution. Its trailer revealed players handling equipment themselves and giving Bullet scents to follow. Of course, they will also need to peek through corners and crouch in order to sneak past the game’s enemies.

“Designed with the Oculus Quest platform in mind, Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition supports higher resolution and high-quality textures made possible by the power of this new hardware,” Bloober wrote, adding the game will also release on other VR platforms later on.

But most of Blair Witch will include encountering some terrifying abominations inspired by the franchise. VR players will be getting the worst frights from being physically attacked, while jump scares come directly towards them. The game’s atmosphere will also take advantage of the Oculus Quest’s immersion-factor, creating an eerie vibe as players frantically turn around. But Bullet will be there to accompany players throughout the game, adding a sense of comfort beside them as they investigate the legend of Blair Witch. In navigating the forest, players won’t be able to fight the game’s new creatures designed for the Quest version.

Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition will release on October 29, 2020 on the headset’s store for $29.99 USD.

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