Captain Canuck Web Series Gets Funded

Captain Canuck Web Series Gets Funded - 2013-05-28 13:38:13

I’d like to take a minute to update our readers on a story we featured here at Last week, CGM’s own Nicole Rodrigues wrote an editoral about the most Canadian of Canadian superheros, Captain Canuck. A team of passionate and wholy Canadian artists and animators have been seeking to crowdfund an all-new animated webseries with crowdfunding website IndiGoGO. 

Yesterday, May 27th was the final day for the Capatain Canuck team to meet their funding goal of $50 000 dollars which will be used to produce the first five episode of the series. I’m happy to tell all of you that as of yesterday the Capatain Canuck webseries has been fully funded with grand total of $51 958 raised.

I spoke to Fadi Hakim President of Captain Canuck Inc. this morning and here’s what he had to say about the project officialy getting its green light.

“It’s a strange and fantastic feeling. The support has been great especially towards the end. We had a big rally at the end which is common for IndiGoGo campaigns.”

The first of five episodes will be hitting the Internet on Canada Day July 1st 2013 but if that’s too long a wait to get Canucked you can catch up with Captain Canuck’s creator Richard Comely at the Niagra Falls Comics Con on June 8th 2013. Joing Comely at the Big B Comics booth will be actors Kris Holden-Reid and Paul Amos who voice Capatain Canuck and his arch-nemisis Mr. Gold respectivly. For the collectors out there Hakim also told me that there will be a limited edition Captain Canuck Mego doll available for purchase.

Congratulations again to the Captain Canuck team for meeting their funding goal and stay tuned for a special announcement from the team at FanExpo later this summer.

Source: Indigogo

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