The First Big Clerks 3 Trailer Premiered Today And It Is Loaded With Nostalgia

The First Big Clerks 3 Trailer Premiered Today And It Is Loaded With Nostalgia

Director Kevin Smith dropped a trailer for Clerks 3, his latest film in the ‘View Askewniverse’ today, rounding out a trilogy of cult classic indie films that started nearly two decades ago.

The first entry in the Clerks ‘trilogy’ was launched back in 1994, and was Kevin Smith’s first film as director. This is also what launched his own universe of movies, the View Askewniverse, which includes other features he directed such as Chasing Amy, and Jay & Silent Bob: Strike Back. Clerks 3‘s first trailer can be seen below.

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The whole band from the first two films is back again with the original actors reprising their roles, including beloved characters such as the sulky Dante (Brian O’Halloran), the smart mouthed Randall (Jeff Anderson), Elias (Trevor Fehrman), Jay & Silent Bob (Mewes & Smith himself) and the rest of the Quick Stop crew, in what seems to be their wildest adventure yet. With a diagnosis that sees Randall ‘living on borrowed time,’ the gang get together again to make their own film, after subsequently complaining about seeing the same movies over and over again. So to be clear, Clerks 3 is a second sequel to a movie, that is about a movie being made, about the Clerks movies, a ‘film-ception.’

The First Big Clerks 3 Trailer Premiered Today And It Is Loaded With Nostalgia

Clerks 3 shows even the new generation isn’t off limits from their brand of comedy, with jokes based on popular apps like Tinder. But what’s more is it returns to its old classic charm with cameos from former View Askew characters, the 90s anthem My Own Worst Enemy by Lit blaring in the background, and hearkening back to former movies such as rooftop hockey and the sign “We Assure You, We’re Open” making a return.

The Quick Stop crew makes a long awaited return in Clerks 3 at a TBA final date this Fall, so fans won’t have to wait much longer. Fans can, however, shoot over to Kevin Smith’s official Twitter for upcoming news about the sequel.

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