Dead Synchronicity will Dissolve Time into Blood

Dead Synchronicity will Dissolve Time into Blood 5

Fictiorama Studios has announced the first installment of its new 2D sci-fi point-and-click adventure, Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today, will be released April 10th this year.


Almost a year after the Kickstarter campaign for the project was fully funded, the 1,600 backers will finally see what the $50,000 the indie studio based in Madrid, Spain has put together.
The first instalment of the Dead Synchronicity saga follows Michael, who has no memory of his past. Michael wakes up to learn multiple natural disasters, called the “Great Wave,” have swept across the earth and caused a pandemic – humanity is becoming “The Dissolved,” a sickness that begins with supernatural cognitive powers, but ends with the carrier dissolving to blood.

Michael must avoid the imminent moment of “dead synchronicity, when Time itself starts to dissolve.”

Although the story sounds cryptic, if it plays out well and the dialogue and story are able to tap into the philosophical aspects of such a dilemma in a thoughtful way, this game could be something incredibly interesting and unique.

The mechanics are similar to 90’s point-and-click classics like Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island, but the story contains much darker and mature themes: “dark, violent and even gruesome” reads the web site’s description.


The two-dimensional artwork is inspired by expressionism; somewhat distorted proportions and hard geometric shapes along with “rusty,” dark and cold colours enhance the dystopian landscape and feel of the game.
Another interesting aspect of the game is the way the music is being developed for the game. Spanish indie rock band Kovalski, inspired by bands like Radiohead, Primal Scream and Queens of the Stone Age, are composing the music as the game is developed. “This way, the music of the game, influenced by the orchestral rock of the 70’s and the Italian Giallo soundtracks, is intensely linked to the game’s plot and art,” reads the game’s overview webpage.

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today will be published by Daedalic and the game will be available in full English and German voice over and texts in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Russian. It will be available on Steam, PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

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