Destiny 2 Lightfall Launches New Raid, Root of Nightmares Today

destiny 2 lightfall launches new raid root of nightmares today 23031003

Guardians have been raking the newest Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion since launch, and Bungie just implemented a brand new raid to up the ante called Root of Nightmares.

Since 2021, Bungie has promised Destiny 2 Guardians a new raid every three months, and although the paint isn’t even dry on the new Lightfall expansion, Bungie has delivered with the new Root of Nightmares raid that launches today. While Guardians have been anxiously scraping the Lightfall expansion for every bit of content since launch, a new raid with a light level cap of 1780 ought to change guardian’s weekend plans, especially considering the new Root of Nightmares-based race that kicks off for aspiring fireteams at 12:00 p.m. today.

The race trailer can be seen below, promising “One Team Can Become Legend.”

YouTube video

On top of the massive Twitch event featuring the new Root of Nightmares raid, Bungie detailed the requirements Guardians must adhere to-to qualify for the race:

  • The raid will launch with Contest Mode enabled for 48 hours starting at 9 AM PST
  • Power is capped at 20 under each encounter, with 1780 being the maximum Power
  • The first group to complete every encounter, loot the final chest, and return to orbit will earn the title of World First
    • All six members of the fireteam will receive World First title belts
  • Everyone who completes the raid in Contest Mode within 48 hours will receive an exclusive emblem
Destiny 2 Lightfall Launches New Raid Root Of Nightmares Today 23031003 1

So aspiring Guardians should make sure Contest Mode is enabled to snag their exclusive swag and more importantly, bragging rights, to become conquerors of the new challenge during the Season of Defiance. Guardians who do complete the challenging raid before March 21 can exclusively purchase the Root of Nightmares Raid Jacket and the corresponding Raid Pin from the Bungie store as well.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Impressions

Destiny 2 Lightfall Launches New Raid Root Of Nightmares Today 23031003 2

Now that Lightfall has reached the ripe old age of two weeks old, the internet has been abuzz with opinions on how the expansion has fared, and it has been decidedly a mixed bag. Metacritic has given the new expansion a ‘Generally Favourable” outlook with a 71% and 75% overall grade on PC and PS5, respectively, from a critical standpoint, but what do Guardians think?

Community Twitter handles @BlueberriesGG, responsible for the massive community website tweeted on the success of the new expansion, “It’s worth mentioning that Destiny 2 just had its best week EVER. The game saw +17% more users than The Witch Queen in its debut week,” which is a momentous feat. On the other hand, is the ‘dunking’ they mentioned, which has been everywhere, and most of it focuses on the confusion surrounding the veil.

Twitter handle @NamelessGabe mentions the whole game knows what the mysterious veil is, except the player in a tweet that promotes the looting and challenging aspect of the Destiny 2 expansion. This reception has become commonplace on social sites, with Bungie themselves promising The Veil will receive more context in the following Season of the Deep.

Fans looking to engage in the Root of Nightmares Destiny 2 raid can officially do so now, so it may be time to get the gang back together.

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