E3 Event Into the Pixel Now Taking Art Submissions

| Mar 28, 2017

Video games are art. There’s no denying it, and if you argue otherwise you are wrong. While they do blend technology and storytelling as well, a lot of work goes into the visual artistry of the video game medium. That’s why every year at E3, the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) co-produce the annual “Into the Pixel” event to showcase the artists in the industry.

The event will take place at E3 2017, and artists can submit their in-game or concept art for consideration at the Into the Pixel website by April 26, 2017.   Jurists for the event include Rob Rafei, founder, CEO and Visual Director of Big Red Button Entertainment, Glenn Philips, Curator of Modern and Contemporary collections at Getty Research Institute, Matt Hall, Senior Concept Artist at Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix, Nora Dolan Independent Curator, Patricia Lanza, Director of Talent and Content at The Anneberg Space for Photography and Seth Spaulding, Snior Art Manager at Blizzard Entertainment.  Art from this event will be auctioned off during the week of E3 with the proceeds going to the ESA and AIAS.

Into the Pixel features in-game or concept art used in video games.  Jurists pick pieces they feel best represent the best art in the gaming world over the past year, with a wide range of genres and styles on display. Titles like Far Cry Primal, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Song of the Deep, No Man’s Sky, and Edge of Nowhere have all been featured in the past.

The Into the Pixel collection was brought into existence in 2004 by the ESA and AIAS with the goal of highlighting and celebrating the art in video games. Every year a new collection is unveiled at E3, so with such a big year in gaming, it will be interesting to see what is shown off this year.

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