EA Announces Support for Google Stadia With 13 Games Coming

EA Announces Support for Google Stadia With 13 Games Coming

EA is adding their support for the Google Stadia streaming platform, adding AAA titles such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Madden NFL and FIFA to the library.

In Google’s latest Stadia Connect conference, other main titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Octopath Traveler are on their way and lets players access more digital titles over multiple screens. The news also comes as Stadia offered a free two-month trial early in April, while its Basic plan was completely zero-cost with no strings attached for players at 1080p, 60fps gaming.

According to Eurogamer, Google Stadia Pro saw a steady release of current games, including Doom Eternal and Destiny 2: The Collection which come with a few graphical compromises. Making up for visuals are Stadia’s ability for cloud saving and being able to play on virtually anything without the need to buy a game console. This even includes affordable gaming options over iOS, Android and Google’s own line of Chromebook computers.

EA’s new support also includes ten other titles being ported along the Google Stadia pipeline. Star Wars, Madden and FIFA are expected to come later across 2020. For Square Enix, Zombie Army 4: Dead War was announced to drop on the platform on May 1 while Stadia Pro users will get it for free. A game creating tool called Crayta is also coming to the Stadia, letting players make their own multiplayer games and even win cash prizes for their work.


You can see the whole 16-minute Stadia Connect for April 28, 2020 here:

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