EA Play joins Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

| Sep 9, 2020
EA Play joins Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

One key feature that Microsoft has under their belts in terms of getting an edge for the inevitable approach of the next-gen of Xbox consoles is their Xbox Game Pass service. With the just-announced release dates for Xbox Series X and Series S console; the inclusion of Xbox Game Pass on Day One will be a huge boon for both Microsoft and the consumer.

To further sweeten the pot, EA recently announced that their own subscription service, EA Play will be included within the Xbox Game Pass service for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. For those unfamiliar with EA’s subscription service—in essence, it is not unlike Xbox Game Pass, but exclusive to EA titles, until now that is. EA Play’s inclusion for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers mean those subscribed will not only have access to the over 100 titles available through the popular service, but an additional 60+ EA titles for both Xbox and PC subscribers.

Some standout titles within EA Play’s repertoire includes games from the Mass Effect series, Dead Space, Dragon Age, Battlefield, Star Wars and The Sims. Additionally, EA promises special promotions such as discounts on DLC, special in-game events and access to extended demos for upcoming titles, all included within any existing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription on both Xbox and PC platforms. New subscribers who want to check out the service can do so for only a $1 for the first month in part of Microsoft’s push to promote the still burgeoning service.

In other words, those wanting to upgrade to the soon to be released Series X and Series S Xbox consoles now have an even better reason to check out the next generation of Xbox with over 260 games to play on Day One.

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