EA prices American McGee’s Alice for XBLA/PSN

| Apr 20, 2011
EA prices American McGee's Alice for XBLA/PSN

You don’t need to buy Alice: Madness Returns new in order to get American McGee’s original.

We already know that every new copy of Alice: Madness returns will include a redeemable code for a downloadable copy of American McGee’s Alice, but you can still get the original game even if you buy used. EA has announced that fans will be able to buy additional XBLA/PSN codes for either 800 Points or $9.99, although you will need to have an Alice: Madness Returns game disc in your order to access the content.

I’m not sure why EA isn’t releasing Alice as an independent XBLA/PSN download – they might pick up a few extra sales from people who just want the original – but does give you one more reason to buy Madness Returns new. The promotion marks the console debut of the first title and it could make the sequel a pretty solid bargain.

You can check out a collection of Alice artwork in the gallery below. Alice: Madness Returns will be available on June 14



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