Elden Ring has Sold 12 Million Units Worldwide

| March 16, 2022
Elden Ring has Sold 12 Million Units Worldwide

It looks like Elden Ring is a smash hit for the game’s publisher, Bandai Namco, and developer, FromSoftware as the game has sold 12 million units worldwide which is just under three weeks since its February 25th release according to a press release.

Out of the 12 million, more than 1 million copies were sold in Japan; FromSoftware’s home territory. The total sales figure includes both digital and physical versions of the game which was released across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

“It’s astonishing to see just how many people have been playing ‘Elden Ring.’ I’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks on behalf of the entire development team. We hope players enjoy a high level of freedom when adventuring through its vast world, exploring its many secrets and facing up to its many threats,” Elden Ring director and co-writer, Hidetaka Miyazaki, said, thanking players who bought the game in a press release.

The game also made headlines yesterday after GameIndustry.Biz reported the game was Europe’s new biggest IP since 2016 surpassing previous record holder, Tom Clancy’s The Division. Additionally, Elden Ring is also Europe’s biggest game launch surpassing last November’s Call of Duty: Vanguard release according to the latest GSD market report.

The newest entry in the developer’s ‘Soulsborne’ genre, Elden Ring is the developer’s fastest-selling game which was previously Dark Souls 3 which sold three million units in its first two months. Comparatively, Elden Ring is the best-selling single-selling game in the series with the potential to surpass the entire Dark Souls’ 27 million sales figure which includes the first three games and Dark Souls Remastered. Check the full list of Soulsborne sales which includes Elden Ring and FromSoftware’s other games in the genre, according to ScreenRant.

  • Elden Ring – 12 Million
  • Dark Souls 3 – 10 Million
  • Dark Souls – 5.5 Million
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – 5 Million
  • Dark Souls 2 – 2.5 Million
  • Bloodborne – 2 Million
  • Demon Souls – 1 Million

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