Elder Scrolls Online’s IRL Mystery Letter Hints At Expansion Ahead Of Livestream

Elder Scroll Online's IRL Mystery Letter Hints At Expansion Ahead Of Livestream 1

Elder Scrolls Online streamers and content creators have received real-life letters that may have hinted details on the upcoming expansion.

New year, means a new expansion will be coming to Elder Scrolls Online. Apparently, Bethesda has been sending out cryptic letters to streamers and content creators who play the game. Many of them have posted pictures of the letter, showing off its mysterious words. All of this was probably a way to fuel more hype as the first details will be revealed this week at the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct 2023 livestream.

To promote what is coming next to the MMO, the letter was signed by Leramil the Wise and addressed each recipient as “proxy.” The funny thing was that nothing on the letter or envelope was tied to the game or the developer by name. Seems like something out of a mystery novel or movie. However, fans were too smart and put the connections together quickly.

Here was what the letter read:

“Proxy. The tide of fate swirls around you with glorious fury and has chosen you to serve as its surrogate in a crisis most perilous. The future of at least two worlds hands in the balance. Your talent for changing destiny has been noticed, hence the reason for this letter.

Many paths lead forward, but only one ends with the survival of Nirn. At this particular moment, in this specific instance, you must be the thread that keeps reality itself from unravelling. I shall summon you as soon as the inescapable fortunes of consequence show me where we are needed most.”

While the letter did not directly point out anything specific to the new Elder Scrolls Online expansion or DLC, it has created heated conversations about what it could all mean across the game’s official forum. One post talked about how they ran some UV black light across the letter and it showed the sigil of Hermaeus Mora. Then, another poster commented, Mora is “one of the more interesting Daedric princes!”

Mora is the god of knowledge. He has been known to change events for the better or for the worse, and has been known to pull many political and historical threads throughout the game series. So, maybe players will be sent on a wild goose chase through some kind of dungeons and labyrinths to appease him, or he could be the antagonist—if he is not amused.

Promotional activities like this have been done to promote future Elder Scrolls Online expansions before, always providing very little critical hints. But, it does make sense with the timing of the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct 2023 livestream coming up on Wednesday, January 25. The livestream will be an opportunity to catch all the latest news and previews coming soon, from both of the developers.

Elder Scrolls Online'S Irl Mystery Letter Hints At Expansion Ahead Of Livestream 2

So far, the Xbox Wire post only provided details that Elder Scrolls Online‘s studio director, Matt Firor would be telling players about the game’s first chapter update for the new year.It was said to include details on the new playable regions of Tamriel and what will be teased as the “game’s biggest update this year” and a “major new feature” that is set to drop.

Last year’s new chapter, High Isle and 2021’s Blackwood chapters both were released in June, in their respective years. So, chances are that this new chapter will be released in June 2023. Many fans have been trying to decipher anything from the letter that has circulated the internet but nothing major has surfaced yet.

The latest DLC for Elder Scrolls Online, Firesong is out now on PC and consoles. This last DLC allowed players to explore the “untamed island of Galen, the westernmost island of the Systres Archipelago” where players could “dive deep into the lives and culture of the druids, and fight to defend Tamriel from the threats within.” Also, the Elder Scrolls Online developers released a statement that players who began their journey on Google Stadia could transfer their accounts and continue on PC, due to the discontinued Stadia services.

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