Eternal Darkness sequel on the way?

Eternal Darkness sequel on the way?

Nintendo has renewed the license to one of the best games to hit the Nintendo Gamecube, or to even hit a Nintendo platform in general. The survival horror cult classic, Eternal Darkness: Sanity Requiem, released in 2002, developed by Silicon Knights, is among one of the best spine-chilling, tension-rising games to ship to consoles. You never knew the true meaning of fear before playing this game.

Its story was well developed and pitted players in a story that took place over 2000 years against dark ancient gods. Survival horror fans aren’t exactly treated fairly in terms of new content that actually sticks to these guidelines. What gamers get now is a new genre that has sprung up in its wake, the Action-Horror genre thanks to Resident Evil. Eternal Darkness was one of a kind and its license renewal could mean Nintendo is planning to announce something in the near future.

Denis Dyack, The creator behind the game had hopes to bring a sequel a long time ago but it never came to fruition. Despite not seeing a initial sequel for the franchise, Nintendo has continued to renew the license, but why? You can check the document that reveals Nintendo of America extended its hold on Eternal Darkness Intellectual property on May 22 right here.

The document suggests Nintendo may be working on bringing a ‘downloadable electronic game’ for the near future. That could be a number of different things. It could simply be a remaster of the series original, maybe a small game for the Nintendo eShop that uses some of the same assets or even a sequel that’s been developed in secret.

I’m hoping for a sequel because the Wii U could use a game like that to add to its library. Usually packed with Nintendo hit titles, it’ll be nice to see a game with a different flavour. I can only hope Nintendo is hard at work on bringing back this series in some way shape or form.

Fans holding on to see the developers dive back into the franchise may have seen, Denis Dyacks unofficial follow-up to Eternal Darkness, Shadow of The Eternals.  The game hasn’t had any reveals since their last trailer dropping Oct. 30 in 2014 for festive reasons. Halloween and all, how fitting.  The game has unfortunately been put on hold until further notice.

Maybe Nintendo is doing their best to help out this project and another to appease fans for the long wait. Only time will tell.

Were you a fan of Eternal Darkness: Sanity Requiem on the Gamecube? Tell me about your experience and what you’d like to see from a sequel.

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