Evil Dead The Game Finally Gets A Release Date For 2022

Evil Dead The Game Finally Gets A Release Date That's Around The Corner In 2022 2

Evil Dead The Game, a survival horror title that brings back the magic of the 1981 film was announced back at The Game Awards 2020 and it has finally revealed an iron-clad release date.

Saber Interactive is a veteran developer responsible for bringing fans many beloved titles over the years, including the World War Z titles, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and even the Witcher III: The Wild Hunt – Complete Edition for the Nintendo Switch. The Saber team has another bloody trick up its sleeve.

The announcement of Evil Dead The Game was met with excitement, but a long series of delays have pushed it into this year. Fans can finally rejoice at the fact that we finally have a release date as announced on Twitter by the official account today.

Delays aren’t a bad thing though, with such an iconic franchise featuring the original voice actors from the films a delay will only polish a product that already holds such prestige. The title has Bruce Campbell in all four iterations of Ash Williams from the film series and remains as timeless as ever.

Evil Dead The Game Finally Gets A Release Date For 2022

The gameplay of the title will feature players not only playing as the heroes, but fans can also fill the shoes of the Kandarian Demon itself and hunt the heroes in a bloodsport worthy of the Evil Dead name. With a gameplay style like Friday the 13th: The Game except with more than one Jason, players will have to collect pages from the Necronomicon, find artifacts, and fight each other to the bloody end. The transition between ranged, melee, and even driving seems squeaky clean, but also there are finishing moves.

As Bruce Campbell said, “it was no accident Ash always wore brown pants.” The wait is almost over as the title launches on May 13. The latest gameplay trailer from June 2021 shows exactly what to expect.

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