Fallout 76 Patch Causes Issues For Legendary Gear

| December 11, 2019
Fallout 76 Patch Causes Issues For Legendary Gear 1

It’s only been live for a day but ‘Update 16’ has caused a small outrage from players as their legendary gear drops stats when they reload their guns.

Fallout 76 player Jas Thompson recorded a Youtube video which shows that reloading his weapon causes his Vanguard thorn armour to drop from a defensive value of 519 to 414.

Players report that it only happens “sometimes” and only seems to affect certain loadouts.

Even stranger, other players have reported abnormal weapon durability since the patch with newly repaired items breaking only after a few shots fired.

The update was 8 gigabytes and promised several bug fixes for the user interface, combat and items including a specific fix for reloading Legendary items.

“Reloading a weapon that has the “+250 damage resistance while reloading” legendary effect no longer negates the effects of that weapon’s primary legendary attribute,” according to the patch notes released by Bethesda.

While it hasn’t been confirmed that this fix has anything to do with this most recent glitch, it is curious that that patch targeted reloading of legendary weapons and subsequently, there is a new glitch with reloading of legendary items.

Good guy Bethesda will likely address this issue as soon as they can.

Hopefully, it will be in time for their in-game event scheduled for this weekend.

The event is a free-play weekend for players who want to try out the wasteland MMO and also offers players a chance to make-up the Halloween challenge which ended early.

One thing is for sure, Bethesda keeps trying to breathe life into the wasteland.

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