Fans react to Dark Souls III “Big News”

| April 8, 2016
Fans react to Dark Souls III “Big News” 3

Bandai Namco teased big Dark Souls news was coming today, but the big news actually comes in small, medium, and extra large too – it’s a clothing line.

Although the original tweet about the big news doesn’t specify what type of news the announcement would bring, some fans let their excitement get the best of them, and their imaginations ran wild with the thought of new Dark Souls news. And with the game’s launch just days away, who can blame them?

Dark Souls fans set their expectations so high with the announcement, that they were practically destined for disappointment. Rumours spread like wildfire with anything from DLC to remasters, with some fans thinking Dark Souls III would get an early release. Couple regular lame-announcement disappointment with the fact that the “big news” was just a clothing line, and you’ve got some very unhappy fans. These are some of the nicer posts from NeoGaf.

“I hate this so much,” one NeoGaf user, Auctopus said. “They even included those infantile messages you find that completely remove you from the game. People wonder why others don’t like niche games going mainstream.”

“Even knowing it’s not a remaster I couldn’t help myself by hoping it was…” said Corky.

“Well… that’s a bummer,” said Nyoro SF.

“People gotta learn to temper their expectations,” said Tambini

“That hoodie is among the laziest designs I’ve ever seen for a piece of video game related clothing,” said Demoskinos.

Dark Souls‘ clothing line is available now, following Square Enix’s announcement of a Final Fantasy XV clothing line.

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