FIFA ’13 Leaving Relationships in its Dust

| October 18, 2012
FIFA '13 Leaving Relationships in its Dust

As if actual soccer wasn’t a big enough obstacle in relationships already, boyfriends and girlfriends will now have to compete with a virtual version as well.

Tech website Digital Spy published the results of a study polled by VoucherCodesPro which found 12% of recent breakups in England were because of EA’s popular game, FIFA ’13. The study surveyed 1,124 people who had broken up with a partner after being in a relationship for one year or less. 

Much like many video game relationship stories out there on the Internet today, a whopping 43% of the original 12% people asked, felt their partner was spending more time with FIFA ’13 than they were with them. 87% of the same group identified the one playing the game, and in doing so providing the neglect, were male. 

The study was conducted and published in the UK, where soccer is pronounced football and continues to be the dominating sport. Although there is no news as to whether a North American study has or is going to be conducted, the numbers should be substantially less. 

How has FIFA impacted your relationship? Has it impacted your relationship at all? Let us know by commenting on the website or send us a tweet @CGMPlus 

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