Former Lead Designer of XCOM Working on New Tactics Title

Former Lead Designer of XCOM Working on New Tactics Title 1

Julian Gollop, the original lead designer of the XCOM series of games is returning to direct a new turn-based tactics game, Phoenix Point.

Gollop is best known in the gaming sphere as being responsible for his work in tactics based strategy games, Phoenix Point will be a return to form for Jullian. Most recently, Gollop worked on Chaos Reborn, another turn-based tactical role-playing game that was successfully Kickstarted in 2015. Phoenix Point is taking a similar approach in its development and is now available on Fig, with a goal of $500k.

Amazingly, $125k has already been pledged as of the campaign going live on April 25, 2017. Phoenix Point is being marketed as a spiritual successor to the original XCOM franchise, one of the goals from the onset was to deliver the best aspects of games such as UFO: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Apocalypse and marry it with some of the more modern nuanced ideas from the more recent Firaxis Games developed XCOM titles.

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Phoenix Point takes place in the distant future where mankind is on the brink of extinction due to the spread of an alien virus known as the “Pandoravirus”. This primordial virus has risen from the now thawed permafrost and has mutated and spliced the DNA of human beings with all manners of beasts, creating powerful alien enemies that have taken over the Earth.  All is not lost, as small pockets of humans still exist and actively try to fight the alien threat, players take control of a leader of a small group of soldiers, scientists and engineers that have come together, collectively known as the Phoenix Project, an organization that exists to fight the alien threat.

Phoenix Point has been in development now for over a year and is expecting to ship in Q4 2018, the game will be available on PC, Linux and Mac platforms.

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