Fortnite Looks To Add Area 51 Raid Content

Fortnite Looks To Add Area 51 Raid Content 2

It looks like the ever-popular Fortnite will be adding skins in the coming few days, coinciding with the somehow real raid.

A couple new skins, namely the Area 51 Alien Traveler and Female Love Ranger/Cupid skins, have leaked out ahead of the upcoming Friday, September 20th Area 51 raid. These skins will supposedly go live beforehand on the 19th. This is the result of a very unfortunate meme that has called internet goers to band together to infiltrate the infamous restricted government site, Area 51.

I say unfortunate, because we’ve already seen people get in legal trouble for showing up at the Nevada desert site. Among others, there was an instance recently where a Dutch YouTuber was arrested for trespassing near Area 51. Authorities in the area will likely attempt to arrest other individuals that they find trespassing, so hopefully the actual raid on the 20th will be resolved quickly and painlessly. All it takes is for one troublemaker to bring a concealed weapon or resist particularly hard and people could get hurt, so I wish the authorities the best in dealing with whoever comes their way.

Anyways, it’s unclear exactly how players will be able to obtain the Area 51 skin in Fortnite, whether it’s through a special temporary event or just with V-Bucks. Regardless, these skins will probably be added to the game tomorrow on the 19th, and the Area 51 raid will probably be happening on the 20th. I again send my best wishes to the site security, and hope that everything will be resolved without too much hassle.

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