Fortnite Teases Season 7 Theme

Fortnite Teases Season 7 Theme

With the next season of Fortnite around the corner, developer Epic Games has continued to tease the next update, with an official countdown event expected to take place in-game.

Besides a major graphics update and some Foreshadowing Quests taking place to finish up Season 6, Epic Games continues to make the transitions between each season’s grand in-game events something worth participating in, with a countdown event expected to happen within Fortnite sometime today as the next season launches tomorrow, June 8th.

Based on the various teases and quests taking place, players have deduced that the next season’s theme will have to do with aliens and UFOs, making the player base wonder if the map of Fortnite’s island are about to get out of this world. Currently, a trailer is set to premiere on YouTube, with exact story details expected to drop when it is released at 2:00AM ET.

Fortnite Season 7
Fortnite Season 7

Next to all of the rumours swirling, Epic Games has also been teasing the next season with images on their Twitter account, with the latest one featuring a spacesuit helmet, an alien weapon, and a robot on wheels with the message “Catalog Entry #476-122. Results of transportation bot test: -Transporting various weaponry – Failed -Transporting documents & schematics – Failed -Transporting bone modification liquid – Satisfactory. No further testing required. Full data upload- 6.8.2021”.

Additional teases include the image shown above, as well as posts referring to what appears to be Superman entering the world of Fortnite. Additional famous aliens from various genres are also rumoured to be making their way to the battle royale in some form, from Rick and Morty to Loki and Star Trek.

Fortnite has been able to grab onto whatever cameos and crossovers it has wanted for quite some time, so we could literally see anything that comes to your imagination, but with a focus seemingly on extraterrestrials, it’s time to look to the stars.

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