Galahad 3093, Adrenaline-Filled Mech Shooter Released Today

Galahad 3093 Released Today, Adrenaline-Filled Mech Shooter 1

Galahad 3093 is out on PC for Early Access now—bringing all the 12v12 mech-fighting that players could ask for.

The time for some metal-on-metal action is on! Today, Simutronics announced the release of their new mech shooter, Galahad 3093. The game is currently available on Steam in Early Access. It will be the sci-fi mech-fighting game with high hopes to revolutionize the genre as the MechWarriors and Gundam games that have dominated the game form.

Fans have been waiting for years to experience a taste of the game as Galahad 3093 was in its late beta stage in late 2020, which received recurring updates ever since. The developers noted how they wanted to take in all the player feedback before allowing the larger player base to get a taste. “We learned so much from fans during our beta sessions, and we’re eager for a wider audience to experience GALAHAD 3093,” Simutronics CEO, David Whatley shared.

Galahad 3093 takes place in a sci-fi, futuristic world where the mechs and their lore are inspired by the times of King Arthur. This means the mech pilots are known as Knights and their mechs are called “Lances”—very on-the-nose with the names. The devs ensured that players will have a lot of choices and options for customizations, beginning with creating their own custom Lances.

Galahad 3093 Released Today, Adrenaline-Filled Mech Shooter 2

There are hundreds of possible builds and abilities for each Lance, including 23 weapon systems, 148 variants and over 500 modules! This means players could create a build which is more of a light scout to scan and assess various terrains for their team, or they could build a chonky tank with nothing but heavy rockets and grenades to blast enemies away. And players are not limited to one type of mech per match; they can save up to four different loadouts.

Like King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, there are eight Knights with special abilities. Some examples of this include Arthur who can rain down orbital strikes with the help of X-caliber, Gwen can put up a shield to protect their teammates called a “Royal Dome” and Mordred has the special “Teleport” ability, allowing players to cross the map almost instantly. Players will have to learn and adapt to combining the exhaustive list of Lance weaponry and Hero abilities to take on their opponents. All of these abilities and skill tree planning can be explored in the Variant Tree View.

Like any MMO, map designs are important for building the lore and meta for the matches. Galahad 3093 features seven arenas that match the sci-fi elements, offering lots of verticality with environments that change throughout the match. Players could run into some pesky, Dune-like desert sand worms and face the dangers of falling comet strikes on Europa. Almost similar to how Halo Infinite’s multiplayer began, players will have the opportunity to choose between Team Deathmatch or Base Assault (a more territorial battle of capturing and defending specific points).

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To top everything off, Galahad 3093 is expected to have season updates that will invite a new Hero and implement more game options such as social systems and private matches. “Even though it is a complete gameplay experience now, this is a great opportunity for fans to help shape Early Access development of new features, such as clans and private matches. We will work toward our global launch and build the future of mech warfare together,” Whatley commented.

Galahad 3093 is currently out on Steam (PC) for Early Access and a price point of $24.99 USD. However, Steam players who purchase the game early (up until September 8) will receive a 15% discount. Do not miss out on a new generation of mech battles—bring all of your friends for some 12v12 action in Galahad 3093.

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