Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 May Delay Development Until Early Next Year

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Report: Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Delays Development Until Early Next Year

Reports suggest that the inevitable Galaxy Tab S9 series of tablets will postpone development until early 2023, instead of December like originally planned.

This year saw the release of MANY Samsung products, including flagship smartphones, the Galaxy Tab S8 series, and even the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360. However, what was initially planned to go into development this December, the Galaxy Tab S9 series, has been reportedly postponed according to TheElec with development being pushed back until next year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Delays Development Until Early Next Year
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The report suggests “The reason Samsung Electronics delayed the development of the Galaxy Tab S9 series to next year is presumed to be due to the recent global economic uncertainty. Recently, several market research firms are expecting a slowdown in demand for IT products. This is because the COVID-19 special is over and the demand for IT products is decreasing due to the weakening of consumer sentiment,” in the translated original article regarding the delay.

Reports from the International Data Corporation (IDC) also state that “Global shipments of traditional PCs are forecast to decline 12.8% in 2022 to 305.3 million units while tablet shipments will fall 6.8% to 156.8 million. Inflation, a weakening global economy, and the surge in buying over the past two years are the leading causes for the reduced outlook,” regarding the potential reasoning behind why the Galaxy Tab S9 was pushed back. A forecast of the data has also been provided by the IDC.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Delays Development Until Early Next Year

Research Vice President for Devices & Displays at IDC, Linn Huang said “With economic headwinds gaining speed, we expect worsening consumer sentiment to result in further consumer market contractions over the next six quarters,” with “Economic recovery in time for the next major refresh cycle could propel some growth in the outer years of our forecast. Though volumes won’t hit pandemic peaks, we expect the consumer market to drive towards more premium ends of the market,” on the forecast of demand regarding PCs and Tablet devices.

It seems due to advanced statistical analysis, Samsung has pushed development for the Galaxy Tab S9 back into 2023. While these reports do give actual figures, Samsung has yet to release any official statement regarding the delay of the Galaxy Tab S9, so consumers should flock to their official news website for updates regarding the next entry in the flagship tablet series.

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