Gamescom 2020 Reveals Online Schedule for August 27 to 30

Gamescom 2020 Reveals Online Schedule for August 27 to 30 1

Gamescom organizers have confirmed their 2020 event will be going ahead as an all-digital showing, with a full plan and August 27 date set ahead of time.

In a detailed site release, organizers stated Gamescom 2020 will happen from the 27th to 30th while standing on four pillars: Gamescom Now, Gamescom Shows, Cooperations and its Devcom web conference. The news also follows on a previous decision by organizers to cancel its traditional in-person event due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, with both industry partners and the German government reevaluating Gamescom.

Its Now event, started last year, is getting a larger role this year as a “go-to source for all world premieres, news, games and events,” while developers can make presentations live through the platform. In an exception, no tickets are needed for Gamescom Now as the event will be made free to access for anyone tuning in. The programs will also be partly hosted by industry presenter Geoff Keighley, bringing his experience as the creator of The Game Awards and his current Summer Game Fest event for digital game showings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More programs including Awesome Indies will also be making their debut as a showing dedicated to independently-run game studios. Awesome Indies will also be a specific source for indie-based announcements and game premieres. A roundup-style show called Daily Show will also recap the latest updates and reveals made from all four pillars of Gamescom 2020. Developers will also be featured in interviews for more details around their games.

Devcom will become an online-ready program for industry professionals and trade guests, with an opportunity to network and discuss ventures across open environments. Developer masterclasses, panels and industry discussions will also take place in this pillar much earlier from August 17 to 30.

You can view the full schedule for this year’s online-only Gamescom event below. Gamescom 2020 is set to officially begin with an opening night on August 27, 2020 with a gamescom Best of Show ending the annual event with a tie-in to Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest.

Image provided by Gamescom

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