Ghostwire: Tokyo Might be Headed to Xbox

ghostwire tokyo for xbox series according to huge office wall ad 883767

Ghostwire: Tokyo was the last game Bethesda published as a Sony exclusive before the Microsoft acquisition last year, and it may now be coming to Xbox as well.

Seeing as how another previous PlayStation console exclusive published by Bethesda, Deathloop, has just released on Xbox Game Pass, it wouldn’t be a strange coincidence that Ghostwire: Tokyo would land on Xbox as well. That’s precisely what Twitter user @Klobrille suggested by posting a photo of Bethesda Softworks’ alleged wall decal that features Ghostwire: Tokyo‘s cover art, but with a console list that denotes ‘Xbox Series S/X’ as consoles.

Besides Deathloop‘s arrival on Xbox, there have been other notable changes on console exclusivity in the past, with Bethesda themselves even removing exclusivity from Xbox 360 for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion after it had launched as ‘Only for Xbox,’ Bioware’s Mass Effect can also fit neatly into this former console exclusive category with Deathloop and potentially Ghostwire: Tokyo. It is worth mentioning that although the office wall can be an indicator, Bethesda Softworks hasn’t officially announced an Xbox port as of this posting.

Ghostwire: Tokyo For Xbox Series According To Huge Office Wall Ad

The middling CGMagazine review of Ghostwire: Tokyo describes the title as “Its mix of modern-day Tokyo coupled with Japanese folklore and urban legends makes it compelling to explore, as yokai and neon lights stand side by side amidst a story focused on how people respond to the death of a loved one. Yet it also feels rote and fleeting, as the combat becomes stagnant, and the plot and characterization become thin for a long period,” for PlayStation 5.

As the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft looms, and Sony continues to buy game studios, console exclusives will seemingly not go away any time soon, but fans should await a formal Bethesda announcement before regarding the Ghostwire: Tokyo Xbox port as fact.

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