New Halo Infinite Trailer Could Be Coming Soon

New Halo Infinite Trailer Could Be Coming Soon

Joseph Staten, the project lead on Halo Infinite has potentially teased that fans will be getting their first new look at the upcoming continuation of Master Chief’s story with a new trailer possibly coming soon.

Joseph Staten has potentially teased a new trailer for Halo Infinite via his personal Twitter page, where he tweeted a screen shot of multiple sequences captioning it “Summary of my week”. He did not officially confirm they were for a Halo Infinite trailer.

Despite the lack of any official confirmation from Staten, the tweet still sent fans into a frenzy, all hungry for any new information on what is arguably the most anticipated return for a gaming franchise in history. We haven’t seen any new footage of Halo Infinite since the initial reveal which didn’t go the way Microsoft had hoped, to say the least. The video sparked deeper concern for Halo Infinite‘s development and was likely part of the decision to delay the game out of the holiday season in 2020 to 2021.

Joseph Staten recently joined the Halo Infinite team as the project’s lead in 2020, continuing his storied career with the franchise that dates all the way back to Halo: Combat Evolved. After just his first week on the job, Gamesradar reported remarks he had made about Halo Infinite, and that he had reportedly played through the campaign twice and was “stunned – in the best possible way”.

It’s likely that this tweet does in fact point to a new trailer, especially considering that E3 and the season of announcements in the gaming industry is seemingly just around the corner next month in June. Microsoft recently confirmed that they would be attending E3 this year, so while a new trailer may be coming soon, it’s unlikely we’ll see Microsoft’s biggest franchise get its next gameplay reveal without the gaming industries biggest stage.

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