Harvey Weinstein Convicted Of Sexual Assault A 2nd Time In Los Angeles

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On Monday, Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced film producer, was convicted of sexual assault in Los Angeles. This marks yet another conviction for the now notorious figure.

Adding on to the litigation onslaught the disgraced film producer has already gone through, with a 23-year sentence being handed down in New York back in 2020, Monday continued the accountability tour in Los Angeles with another guilty verdict. Handed down by a jury, The New York Times reports he “was found guilty on Monday of raping and sexually assaulting an actress in 2013, but jurors found him not guilty of one charge and could not decide on three other counts” regarding the new judgments.

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While there are pending appeals for his previous convictions, Harvey Weinstein still faces 21 years for the verdict handed down in 2020, and if those appeals fail, he will likely see his final years behind bars. Like in 2020, the internet is ablaze with the same notion of ‘good riddance’ regarding the verdict. Journalist brothers Ed & Brian Krassenstein share the same sentiment on Twitter.

Podcaster Jordan Crucchiola shares the same sentiment in a Tweet “After writing so many news posts couching Harvey Weinstein with words like “alleged” and “accused” years ago, I will take any opportunity to say the legally cleared and affirmed “convicted rapist” Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein is a rapist.”

While the verdict does indeed give the public a notable sigh of relief, other figures such as Variety Chief Correspondent Elizabeth Wagmeister takes another approach, noting how difficult it is to get the results found Monday “Make no mistake, #HarveyWeinstein was found guilty, but many survivors I’ve been speaking to over the past 2 hours have expressed concern over the mixed verdict. To them, this signals how complex the justice system is — and how difficult sexual abuse cases are to prove” regarding the end of this round of litigation.

While the guilty verdict wraps up this round of charges brought against the film producer, only time will tell if more will be brought against the now-convicted rapist, Harvey Weinstein.

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