Humble Games Showcase 2022 Roundup (UPDATED Mar 18)

Humble Games Showcase 2022 Exciting Announcement Roundup 3

Humble Games led the charge this week just ahead of the ID@XBOX showcase, by giving fans a look into many of their upcoming titles on the horizon.

The showcase kicked off with the Director of Community Development at Humble Games, Andrew Kauz, giving gamers a reminder of all the fantastic offerings the growing indie publisher has given fans over the past year. There were glimpses of Unpacking and other Indie darlings shown as a reminder of what #3 on Metacritic’s top publisher list is capable of.

Then the showcase got into the nitty-gritty, the forecast of what’s to come by a montage of new game trailers from the indie game publisher in the future, and there was no better way to start things off by showing an anticipated sequel from a fan-favourite game, Monaco.

Humble Games Showcase 2022 Announcements

Official New Title Reveals

Monaco II

YouTube video

Although the trailer was brief, Pocketwatch Games was able to drive the point home of what made original Monaco such a fan-favourite. Imagine everything that could go wrong with a heist, happening? This is the energy Monaco, the award-winning game, is all about and is portrayed in the sequel effectively.

Director of Pocketwatch Games, Andy Schatz said, “Indie games are made for people looking for something new,” with regard to the unique approach Monaco and the sequel have taken. The release date is still TBD on Monaco 2, but fans can head over to the Pocketwatch Twitter to stay informed.

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

Humble Games Showcase 2022 Roundup (Updated Mar 18)

Next up, Summerfall Games’ newest genre-bending title, called Stray Gods took the stage. The title is part RPG, part Musical, features unique comic book-inspired artwork, and, of course, delivers some excellent audio. As the Last Muse from Ancient Greek Mythology dies in your arms, the player takes on the role of Grace, to figure out the mystery behind her demise after being given a gift.

Vice President of Humble Games Global Publishing, Mark Nash said “Stray Gods is a unique and innovative experience that blends a theatrical musical with a branching RPG narrative, and ultimately personifies exactly the type of games that Humble Games wants to bring into the world.” The brief teaser trailer gives fans a peek at what’s to come, but as of right now there are no concrete release plans.


YouTube video

Moonscars is another genre-bending indie title that tosses the player into the dark world of Grey Irma, as a ‘god that failed.’ It seems to be a Metroidvania/souls-like title that sees the player engaging in action sequences with solid pixel-based artwork, equipped with some hard-hitting gothic horror tracks. Stiff combat segments and 2D side-scrolling take centre stage in this title, which sees a launch in the summer of 2022.

New Publishing Partnerships With Humble Games

Coral Island

YouTube video

The brief trailer also came with the announcement that Humble Games is the official publisher of this Stairway Games developed title clearly inspired by Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. The player falls into a narrative set in the titular setting of Coral Island, where everyday life collides with an overall narrative of saving the coral reefs. The release date is TBD, but more info can be found on the Stairway Games Twitter.

Ghost Song

YouTube video

Also partnering with Humble Games is Old Moon’s Ghost Song, which seems to be heavier leaning on the Metroid side of the Metroidvania genre. Hidden pathways, epic boss fights, and platforming sequences are everywhere in this Sci-fi adventure, that takes place on an interstellar desolate moon location of Lorian. With a TBD release date, fans can check out the developer, Matt White’s Twitter, for more information on the moon of Lorian.

Infinite Guitars

Humble Games Showcase 2022 Roundup (Updated Mar 18)

A rhythm RPG crossover title that puts the player in the company of a ragtag group of party members sees turn-based RPG mechanics and guitar rhythm-inspired games collide against enemies and boss fights. With QTE events and exploration aspects, this title truly gives something to fans of all genres, with a comic book-inspired aesthetic. The trailer can be seen on the Humble Games YouTube.

Humble Games Showcase 2022 Roundup (Updated Mar 18)

On top of all these exciting reveal announcements, Humble Games proudly gave fans release dates for two anticipated titles. Chinatown Detective Agency will be releasing on April 7th and coming to Xbox Game Pass day one. The Iron Oath will be releasing via early access on April 19th, with a playable demo available to download on their Steam page.

YouTube video

Lastly, the Humble Games showcase 2022 gave viewers a look at another new IP, with an actual gameplay trailer of SIGNALIS. With clear Metal Gear Solid inspiration, the harrowing music that serenades the trailer gives hopeless vibes in what feels to be a dystopian survival horror setting, as the player fights to regain their memories as the technician Elster.

UPDATE MARCH 18 2:00 pm:

Humble Bumble Launches Stand With Ukraine Bundle, With 100% Of Proceeds Going to Ukraine Relief Efforts

Humble Games Showcase 2022 Roundup (Updated Mar 18)

Humble Games has also announced a new Stand With Ukraine Bundle for a cause, with the direct goal of providing relief to Ukraine through charity partners: Razom for Ukraine, International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps, and Direct Relief. The bundle features many notable titles with:

  • Back 4 Blood,
  • Slay the Spire
  • Quantum Break
  • Monaco
  • Metro: Exodus,
  • Satisfactory,
  • Fable Anniversary,
  • Spyro Reignited Trilogy,
  • Rayman Origins,
  • The Long Dark,
  • and many more to be announced

The bundle also includes many books such as Pathfinder Second Edition Rulebook, and others to help with relief efforts. Fans looking to jump in on this deal need to act fast, considering it will close shop on March 25th, and it’s ultimately for a great cause.

Humble Games seems to be in for an exciting 2022 after showing what they have in store for gamers in their plentiful showcase. Fans looking to follow the publisher’s announcements, can swing over to their official Twitter account for news updates, or visit their YouTube account to watch all the packed trailers.

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