Indiana Jones 5 Uses Movie De-aging Magic

indiana jones 5 uses movie de aging magic 811107

Harrison Ford is digitally de-aged in the unnamed fifth Indiana Jones movie for a flashback sequence.

In the upcoming Indiana Jones movie, we are likely to see a digitally de-aged Ford. In recent years, this movie magic has become more popular. The ever-changing technology gives actors a chance to play their younger selves, the tech is quite impressive and gives us a chance to see a bit more of the young Indiana Jones.

This new fifth film will feature a sequence of Indiana Jones in 1944, eight years after the event of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. The movie’s magic is thanks to visual effects and Industrial Light & Magic software, using this computer software old footage of Ford was used to match and used for the new footage filmed for the upcoming film. It has been said that the de-ageing is only being used for the opening sequence where Jones is up against the Nazis in a castle.

The hope is for the audience to feel as though this is footage that was filmed in the past and then used for the new film. The sequence begins in 1944 and then drops you right back into 1969 with the beloved older and well-aged Indiana Jones.

The visual effects team has said they have used quite a few techniques when it comes to digitally de-ageing Ford. They even brought back Jones’ old jacket from Raiders of the Lost Ark for any flashback scenes they needed to film. Fans have also reported seeing Ford filming with motion picture dots on his face, which is most likely linked to the de-ageing process.

Indiana Jones is known for big opening sequences in their past films, so a flashback sequence using de-ageing software tracks with wanting to make a big impact at the beginning of the new upcoming film.

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