New AAA Montreal-Based Game Studio Invoke Working On Dungeons & Dragons Title

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A new studio working in tandem with Wizards of the Coast, Invoke Studios, will be helming development on a Dungeons & Dragons title.

The former studio, Tuque Games, established in 2012, was responsible for the latest gaming adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons with the not-so-well received 2021 Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, and has since not released anything of the sort. This is where Invoke Studios rises from the now defunct ashes of Tuque with former team members from the studio, and with Wizards of the Coast, entering development on a new title set in the D&D universe with Unreal Engine 5 support.

Invoke, A New Triple A Montreal Based Game Studio Is Working On Dungeons &Amp; Dragons

The Invoke team, led by Vice President and General Manager of Wizards of the Coast, Dominic Guay—who is a veteran in the industry having worked on other triple A releases such as Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Watchdogs, and Far Cry 2—has 80 members all working to achieve the same goal.

Guay said “We value the autonomy of each team member, so that each person can express his or her talents in order to have the maximum productive impact on our games. In that way, we are not just the Montreal division of an international group. We will also continue to put forth the ideas and the direction of the game universes we expand and create,” on the value of teamwork at Invoke, while including “Such a brand, with 50 years of history behind it, inspires developers and gives us enormous creative freedom. Our focus is on high-quality AAA games and we will have the means to achieve our ends.”

The new Montreal-based studio has already yanked the curtain open on their new website, where they are actively hiring developers and other individuals to join their team. Their ultimate mission is to “build great fantasy games, and have fun doing it.”

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