Titanic VR Experience Kickstarter Launches

| February 3, 2017
Titanic VR Experience Kickstarter Launches

Immersive VR Education LTD (creators of Apollo 11 VR) launched a Kickstarter project for Titanic VR, a brand new gaming experience based around the sinking and exploration of the iconic RMS Titanic. Titanic VR is slated to be released for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Playstation VR.

While optimized for virtual reality gaming, Titanic VR will be fully playable on standard PCs and the PlayStation 4, although if you want the full level of immersion you’ll want to strap on your VR headset. The experience will be split into two sections, an interactive exploration and an immersive historical experience.

CEO of Immersive VR Education David Whelan says the first section will be a full exploration of the shipwreck where players control their own sub and ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle).

“To control the ROV you put on a VR headset in your sub while in VR. You control the claws with Touch / Move or Vive controllers but this game also fully supports standard game controllers,” said Whelan “You will be asked to complete missions and tasks on the dive site and then complete research on the support vessel top side.”

Whelan says that the second section is a recreation of the sinking. Players will witness all the key events and follow a family’s real fight for survival.

Immersive VR Education LTD is being very deliberate in ensuring that the Titanic VR experience is as historically accurate as possible, and has meticulously recreated all facets of the RMS Titanic and the people on it, such as Captain Edward Smith and other noted crew members and passengers.

Titanic VR is also aiming to be more than just a game too, with the developers proclaiming it as an educational and emotional experience for players of all ages. The first section of Titanic VR is slated for a Q2 2017 release while the second section is planned to be out later this year.

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