Nintendo Streaming Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival Next Week

Nintendo Streaming Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival Next Week

This year sees the anniversary of quite a few video game franchises, and Nintendo is celebrating Kirby’s 30th anniversary with a music festival!

It’s been a big year for the franchise already, with the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land in March and another game, Kirby’s Dream Buffet, set to release later this year. That’s not nearly the only celebration, however, as Nintendo is set to host a Kirby 30th anniversary music festival on August 11 at 2 am PT.

The event itself is at the Tokyo Garden Theater in Japan, but Nintendo will be streaming the concert worldwide for anyone to watch. You can tune in on the official YouTube page, which is already live.

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The good news is that Nintendo plans to upload an archived version of the show, considering it’s happening in the early morning for those of us in the West. The company also notes the concert will be in Japanese but will have simultaneous interpretation in other languages. Here’s the official description for the event from its website.

“To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Kirby, a one-time-only music festival will be held featuring a large big band-style ensemble of 35 musicians performing in a variety of genres. This event is a musical event in which you can enjoy original medleys of songs from past titles in the series while reminiscing on your memories with them. A large LED monitor at the venue will also feature a moving Kirby!”

The series first debuted in 1992 with Kirby’s Dream Land on Game Boy. Since then Kirby has transformed into one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises, with over 30 entries scattered across almost every Nintendo system. Kirby and the Forgotten Land quickly became the best-selling game in the series, with over 4.53 million copies sold to date, and an average score of 85 on Metacritic.

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