Leaks Lead to Halo Mega Bloks Rumors

Leaks Lead to Halo Mega Bloks Rumors 1

If there is one lesson that can be gleaned from the games industry, it’s that success breeds imitation. For every Call of Duty, you’ll find a Battlefield, for every Street Fighter, a Mortal Kombat, and for every Monkey Island, a King’s Quest. Sometimes an imitation will improve on its predecessor, sometimes it falls short. Fans will argue for days about which is better. However, few companies can match the stubborn emulation Mega Bloks displays for the wildly popular modular building block brand Lego. So much so, that it may be finally following the multicolored giant into the gaming arena with a Halo game.

You may have heard about this possibility before. YouTube channel PtoPOnline recently leaked some assets from a scrapped Halo themed Mega Bloks game, code named Project Haggar, as well as it’s strange history, including its birth as a likely April Fool’s prank from EGM. It seems that N-Space developed Project Haggar for the Xbox 360 until it finally got the ax in 2013. The assets look pretty tight, showing off a colourful Halo inspired title complete with shooting and construction. The internet reacted positively and currently Halo direct, 343 Industries seems to have heard them.

It looks like something “along these lines,” might be in the future for Masterchief, thanks to the fan reaction to this leak. It’s hardly a solid confirmation, but 343 founder Bonnie Ross seemed impressed by Project Haggar, and its inventiveness. Lego games tend to amass a great deal of praise for humor and light-hearted gameplay, especially with the more serious properties they have tackled in the past. One can only imagine that Mega Bloks would employ similar tactics in their own debut, if that name remains attached to this project. A lot is up in the air regarding the project right now, but one thing is clear. It will certainly give the fans something new to argue about.

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