LEGO DreamZzz Streaming Sets and Streaming Date Revealed

Get Ready For A New Lego Adventure


After so many rumours, Lego has finally unveiled what LEGO DreamZzz is, when we can expect it to launch, and new sets to keep us building for hours!

A few weeks ago, I heard about LEGO DreamZzz when they published the almost guerilla campaign that mixed LEGO Ninjago into the mix with their shorts. I was excited about what was coming next. As a father of two, one who is in the prime LEGO Ninjago targeted age, I knew whatever this next step was, it was going to not only take over my house but be mine and my son’s pastime. 

Lego Dreamzzz Ninjago Teaser

 Well, after so many speculations, it’s finally here. We now know without a doubt that LEGO DreamZzz is a new original series aimed at children between the ages of six and twelve. It follows heroes Mateo, Izzie, Cooper, and Zoey. A rag-tag group of school friends who band together to learn how to wield the power of their imaginations in the dream world to overcome any obstacle and to best the Nightmare King.

 Everything from the Nightmare King side of things has this very Punk Rock / Gothic Chic look to it. I mean, just look at this hybrid shark/boat. 

 The real push LEGO is getting into here is putting the power of imagination and play into kids’ hands. When these sets are released, there comes the point about eighty percent into the build where the builder can choose a few forms they want the set to take. It takes what a lot of children do after the initial build and bakes it right into the box. It’s genius. 


On May 15th, 2023, LEGO DreamZzz will premiere on YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, with the new sets due to premiere sometime in August 2023. These sets will vary from smaller sets like Mateo and Z-Blob, the Robot set to release for $19.99, all the way up to the larger sets of the Nightmare Shark Ship for $139.99. 

 To celebrate the new series launch, LEGO is also running a contest between May 20th, 2023, and June 20th, 2023, in which seven winners will be chosen from around the globe to visit LEGO in Denmark. Submitting their own dream creations, the winners will also be designated the world’s first Chief Dream Creators and partake in a workshop put on by LEGO designers. 

Lego Dreamzzz Tv 20

 It’s a very exciting time for a LEGO fan. With the launch of this new original IP, it seems like they are really putting their all into LEGO DreamZzz, and giving kids the opportunity to work hands-on with them is awesome. I can’t wait to see what comes from DreamZzz because, so far, it looks like a lot of fun is headed our way on May 15th.

Justin Wood
Justin Wood

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