Majesco Merges with Medical Startup Polarity

Majesco Merges with Medical Startup Polarity

Majesco — best known for publishing less than noteworthy titles such as Hulk Hogan’s Main EventBabysitting Mama, along with some genuine classics like Psychonauts & the Mad Dog McCree Wii port — recently announced the acquisition and merger of medical company PolarityTE, ending its life as a videogame business.

According to this press release, Polarity (not to be confused with Polaris, the YouTube network) is a medical company that is “developing the first forms of functionally-polarized autologous tissues for use in medical procedures requiring reconstructive applications by surgeons and wound care specialists.” Basically, they want to figure out how to accelerate the healing process, turning all of humanity into a low-rent Wolverine.

“This opportunity allows us to disrupt the field with our entirely new proprietary technology platform across a wide variety of tissues so that all patients will eventually be offered a pragmatic method of regenerative wound healing and personalized tissue engineering,” writes Dr. Denver Lough, who is now the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Polarity (neé Majesco). “Our goals are simple: A superior technology, a superior team and a superior network of world leaders in translational medicine to augment the delivery of autologous products for the regeneration of self.”

Majesco’s final moments as a videogame publisher include the Midnight City arm, the publishers of Costume Quest 2 and the console versions of Gone Home, which released earlier this year. If you have nostalgia for the Majesco name & are worried about where all that IP will be going, don’t worry too much — after all, THQ is apparently back in the year of our Luigi, 2016.

Again, just so we’re all clear on what happened: Majesco, a videogame publisher that has been around the block & was responsible for the first couple BloodRayne games in North America, has merged with a medical startup that is researching ways to naturally “regenerate skin, bone, muscle, cartilage, fat, blood vessels and nerves.” That’s wild.

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